GSCS House system

gscs-house-captains-smlGood Shepherd Christian School has two House Teams: Hunter and Blake. As school growth demands, we will see the introduction of a third house – ‘Sehmish’ house – in the future.

Each House is distinguished by its own colour and unique community spirit. During events, the evident pride shown by students wearing their House colours and supporting their House is contagious.

The inter-house competition grows from strength-to-strength with many students participating in multiple events and record student numbers attending gala days; all contributing to healthy House system and competition.

House events include intra-school cross country, athletics, Hike-for-Hope and swimming carnival.

The Houses have been named to honour previous pastors of Good Shepherd Baptist Church namely, Pastor Hunter, 1980-1992; Pastor Blake, 1992-1995; Pastor Sehmish, 1995-2006.

Pastor Hunter

Pastor Sidney Hunter (1980-1992)
was the inaugural pastor of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, establishing GSBC in 1980, and was responsible for the purchase of land where the church and school buildings now currently stand.
The Lord called Pastor Hunter to Himself in 1997 and the original church building has been dedicated to his name. He served as pastor of Good Shepherd Baptist Church for 11 years.


Pastor Wilf BlakePastor Wilf Blake (1992-1995) was appointed pastor of GSBC in 1992, having been appointed school pastor previously in 1983. Pastor Blake, along with his wife, has played an integral part in establishing Good Shepherd Christian School where Mrs Blake continues to serve to this day. Pastor Blake rescinded his full-time church pastoral duties in 1995 upon the appointment of Pastor Sehmish but continued in active work at GSCS until his retirement in 2008.


Pastor SehmishPastor Wayne Sehmish (1995-2006) oversaw great change and church growth during his tenure as pastor of GSBC. Pastor Sehmish instituted a national Independent Baptist (churches) Leadership Conference, which is held annually for pastors from around Australia and was instrumental in the Church purchasing the adjacent property which today is used for school administration staff. Pastor Sehmish served as pastor of Good Shepherd Baptist Church for eleven years and currently serves as a missionary in Thailand.