Years 7-10

In Years 7-10 the education program supports the deepening of knowledge, understanding and skills in all learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.  The curriculum continues to prepare students for civic, social and economic participation and personal well-being and spiritual growth.  The curriculum is designed to equip students for senior secondary schooling.

  • Work Experience Placement

    Year 9-10 students have the opportunity to participate in a one week Work Experience placement program.  Work Experience placement provides the student with the opportunity to test personal vocational preferences through performing tasks in a workplace.  Students select placements according to their future occupational aspirations.  The student may experience the following outcomes: clarification of employment goals; and first-hand information about what it means to work, as well as about the work processes of the organisation and the work environment.

  • Subjects


    Core Subjects

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Humanities and Social Science
    • The Arts
    • Technologies
    • Health and Physical Education
    • Chinese
    • Music

    Extra Curricular Subjects

    • Christian Living
    • Personal Development and Ministry
    • Scripture Memory Program
    • Chapel and Devotions
    • Excursions
    • Camp