[one_fourth]Beth Nowlan“The first thing I noticed about Good Shepherd Christian School was how much the other parents were really welcoming and straight away, I felt at home. It has a beautiful family feel and the school has given our children great brain development “.
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Beth Nowlan
3 children at GSCS:
Year 1, 2 & 4
[/one_fourth] [one_fourth] Shubha Stringfellow“My husband and I were looking for a smaller school for our three children and GSCS was perfect for us. We heard about Good Shepherd from other parents (with children at the school) and were impressed with what they shared with us.”
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Shubha Stringfellow
2 children at GSCS:
Year 1 & 3
[/one_fourth] [one_fourth] Mel McFarland“Our children had faced problems at their previous school, so I web-searched all Christian Schools on the northside and found GSCS. I was a bit hesitant coming to a smaller school, but honestly, it was all that we wanted – best decision we made!”
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Mel McFarland
4 children at GSCS:
Prep, Years 4, 6 & 12
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Jen Holowaty“I’ve had my 3 children at GSCS for 9 years. I was looking for a Christian school that had strong educational standards we needed for our children, and I felt that GSCS had that . This school is very professional and staff are so helpful.
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Jen Holowaty
3 children at GSCS:
Years 7 & 9