Independent Co-Educational School

Good Shepherd Christian School is an independent co-educational Christian day school and is set on a large acreage at Albany Creek on Brisbane’s northside offering a Christ centred education for boys and girls from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Four Educational Sub Schools

Four distinct sub schools exist to ensure all specific educational areas are addressed; Preparatory, Primary School, Middle School and Senior School. By embracing this model, the school will maintain and achieve substantial growth ensuring optimum use of resources, facilities and the provision of innovative and effectual educational programmes.

Academic Excellence

To cater to the academic needs of students, a whole school approach has been adopted to ensure continuity across all year levels and the provision of a seamless curriculum. While the school seeks to provide a nurturing environment, its excellence in academics prepares students for a seamless transition from Primary to Secondary School. It has a very peaceful and serene atmosphere for students, and a perfect environment for those important years of schooling.

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What We Believe

  • We believe in one God who eternally exists in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each being co-equal in power and glory. The three are one God though separate in personality and work.

  • We believe in the deity, virgin birth, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Being one personality in the Godhead, we therefore believe He is God.

  • We believe that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. Salvation is by grace alone. This salvation must be received personally, by faith, and those that believe have, according to the Scriptures, received the new birth.

  • We believe in a literal thousand year millennial reign by Christ on earth during which time Satan will be bound. We believe this millennial reign takes place after the seven year tribulation period.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit is the third personality of the Godhead.

  • We believe He convicts men of sin, righteousness and judgment, that He is the necessary and supernatural agent in regeneration, baptizing all believers into the body of Christ, and indwelling and sealing them unto the Day of Redemption.

  • We do not believe the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues.

Good Shepherd Christian School
Good Shepherd Christian School Campus
Good Shepherd Christian School Campus

Christ Centered Education

The foundation upon which this school has been built is the Word of God, as set out in the Bible. We believe that the absolute truths expressed in God’s Word provide a stable framework around which young people can build their lives.

Our school community believes that Christian values are important and want our children to develop these values during the formative years of their lives.

Good Shepherd Christian School is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price. The School Board has developed an infrastructure to enable the teaching programs of the School to keep pace with rapid educational change and equip children for their future.

God’s Word indicates that there is a plan and a purpose for all people and the unique gifting and talents of each child is treasured and nurtured by the staff.

Through our pedagogical framework Good Shepherd Christian School seeks to equip young people to make Godly decisions and to express the qualities of Christ.

It is important to recognise that the education of young children is a shared responsibility where all stakeholders must be committed to the vision of equipping young lives for eternity.

We desire to complement the very important role of parents by providing a school environment that is safe, considerate and encouraging. It is our experience that when this is achieved, success will follow.

School Policies

School Privacy Policy – Whistleblower
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Child Protection Policy
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Complaints Handling Policy
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Customer Complaint for Parents & Carers
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