What Parents Want You To Know

We asked these parents for their comments on what they liked about Good Shepherd Christian School.

This is what they had to say.

Beth Nowlan – 3 children at GSCS

The first thing I noticed about Good Shepherd Christian School is how much the other parents were really welcoming and how I felt at home straight away.

I originally underestimated the value of a Christ-centred bible based Christian education as I had one of my children in the public school system prior and after seeing the major difference in what my children have here at GSCS, and what they’re coming home with through learning Scripture, this school has given our children great brain development.

As an example… one of our children, my daughter, was especially very shy and withdrawn; more so at her previous school. We had difficulties in getting her up to speed with everything. However this year, she’s found the confidence to step out and be herself! We’ve seen big changes in her and we’re so happy because now, she’s so happy.

We had one meeting with the teacher here and now my daughter is excelling – and the teacher has kept me up to date with everything regarding her progression.

If you asked me “What are the three things I love about this school?” They would be:

  • I’m in love with this school! It has a beautiful family feel to it.
  • I love how the school incorporates God into their day. They pray with the children which is important to us as a family and permeate Christian values throughout.
  • I especially love how they incorporate God into the curriculum; English, maths, etc.
  • I can confidently say… I’VE FOUND MY SCHOOL!

Shubha Stringfellow – 3 children at GSCS

Shubha StringfellowMy husband and I were looking for a smaller school for our three children and GSCS is perfect for us. We heard about Good Shepherd from other parents (with children at the school) and were impressed with what they shared with us.

The Christian values are important to my husband and I. For example, my son, since attending GSCS, has become more kind and a better behaved person because of the values instilled at this school. One important benefit to our family is School Chapel. This is where our children truly learn about God and share these lessons (when they come home) with the family. I should tell you, all the kids love the School Chaplain!

To me as a mum, the benefits of a smaller school are many. For example:

  • I love the school environment! All the mums know each other and this makes for a much nicer school atmosphere;
  • As parents we have ready access to all our children’s teachers whenever there is an issue requiring discussion;
  • Every teacher knows the names of every student at the school and treats them with individual respect
  • The communication streams between the school and parents are very good.

We were discussing with our neighbour the significant differences and benefits GSCS has made to our children’s lives and consequently our home life. Our neighbour expressed how their child was experiencing misbehaviour patterns at their current school and since then, their child has enrolled in GSCS and they too have seen behavioural improvement with their child.

The school has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere where the children are encouraged to strive for excellence in everything they do. The school facilities are first-rate with the large grounds always being well maintained.

The three things I like about this school are

  • Because it’s a small school, the teacher(s) can focus on individual students’ needs. That’s a big benefit.
  • All the children interface well with each other – from Pre-Prep through High School. I have seen many times, students caring for each other.
  • Great teaching values, life values, and education. These are the qualities we’ve experienced at Good Shepherd Christian School.

Jen Holowaty – 3 children at GSCS

Jen HolowatyI’ve had my 3 children at GSCS for 7 years. I was looking for a Christian school that had a strong education behind it. I wanted the Christian values and the educational standards we needed for our children and I felt that GSCS had that. This school is professional.

The Christian values of GSCS have not changed throughout the 7 years we’ve been here, with the school continuing to embed and teach these values throughout the curriculum. My children are now in high school and although my husband and I looked at other high schools, GSCS fulfills completely what we are looking for in high school education.

I particularly value the school’s chaplaincy programme. As a parent I can’t give them everything they need in terms of Christian input, but the school chaplaincy programme is another level that teaches them (at their level) the values of God, Christianity and kindness to others. The staff are so helpful in all aspects; parent/teacher communication is fantastic, and they will let me know the same day of any issues with any of my children. They understand and know my children like I know my children – and that’s what I want in a teacher.

Having 2 boys and a girl, this school definitely offers them equal opportunities from sports through academics. They’re treated as individuals but they’re also treated the same because boys and girls are given the same opportunities here.

The school consistently promotes leadership opportunities, with us having had one of our children promoted to Primary School Captain. When my daughter received that leadership role it definitely gave her a value of self-worth. At GSCS all children are taught to be leaders and to aspire to be their personal best. Throughout their seven years at this school, my children have increased in self-confidence and they love going to school – it’s never a struggle to get them to go to school as they enjoy it – and they miss it during the holidays.

My reasons for loving this school:

  • It focuses on the Lord;
  • Secondly it has a very high standard of education; and
  • Thirdly, as a mother, it gives me great joy that the teachers and parents are all on the same level and promote a great sense of school community.