Student Leadership


GSCS StudentsGood Shepherd Christian School places great emphasis on the development of Christian character, leadership skills and personal responsibility in students. A Christian school must work to develop not only good citizens who will be an integral part of that very community of which the school is a part but also young men and women who have a personal relationship with the living God.

Student leadership skills and capabilities are enhanced through exposure to increased expectations and levels of responsibility in a supportive learning environment. It is important that all students’ leadership efforts and endeavours are processed and reviewed within this educational framework.

Twelve skills of leadership that should be developed in Christian leaders (according to Hay & Dempster, 2004) are:

  1. Project planning
  2. Reflection
  3. Problem solving
  4. Team building
  5. Decision making
  6. Goal setting
  7. Time management
  8. Project management and resource allocation
  9. Effective communication and networking
  10. Conflict resolution
  11. Diversity awareness
  12. Self-confidence

“Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences at school facilitate young adults’ transition into the community and into the world of work and adult responsibility. This is because leadership is considered to be a part of life-long learning…”
(Hay I. & Dempster N., 2004)

Indeed it is widely believed that enhanced leadership skills in students are inextricably linked to improved students’ academic outcomes, since the twelve skills listed above are embedded within the academic enabling skills of engagement, study skills, motivation and interpersonal relationships.

School programs at Good Shepherd Christian School, both in class and extra-curricular, are designed to disciple young people in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ, and to develop the above leadership skills and experience, as it is believed that this will not only improve students’ academic outcomes, but it will also develop better citizens for our community.


  • To develop improved personal responsibility in all students at the school;
  • To provide opportunities for leadership skill development in students of all ages and all abilities;
  • To develop a student leadership team of the highest possible quality to assist in the continuation of positive school culture and to provide exemplary modelling of student behaviour and personal responsibility to model and teach specific leadership skills as appropriate for each position or responsibility.

Specific Duties

School Captains will:

  • At all times set an example for other students in the school in adhering to the values of Good Shepherd Christian School.
  • Assist and conduct important assemblies and ceremonies such as Chapel and ANZAC Day.
  • Be involved on special occasions such as the greeting and thanking of visitors and performers
  • Be of general assistance to all members of staff, students, parents and visitors